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What extra costs can a landlord charge?

What extra costs can a landlord charge?

Some landlords charge other fees in addition to the rent. They are listed below:

- deposit: this is usually an amount equal to one month's rent (if the amount is higher than three months' rent you can appeal against this), as a deposit for leaving the accommodation in good condition when you leave. When you leave the accommodation you will get your money back (minus any damage caused by you).

- letting costs: general costs incurred by the landlord to rent out the accommodation (placing advertisements, drawing up a contract, etc.). It is questionable whether the landlord is allowed to pass this on, and in some cases the rent assessment commission may stipulate that the money must be refunded.

- Key money: amount requested by the landlord as a condition for the conclusion of the tenancy agreement. This is not allowed; the money can be reclaimed later (if you have proof of payment) from the subdistrict court.

- takeover costs: compensation for 'movable property' (such as furniture, carpeting, etc.) that is located in the residence. By paying takeover costs, the tenant becomes the owner of the goods for which he has paid. Incidentally, there is no obligation to take over furniture and the like from the old tenant.

For 'nail-proof items' such as a fitted kitchen or a bathtub, takeover costs may never be charged.

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