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How high may the service costs be?

How high may the service costs be?

The monthly service costs are actually an advance payment for the costs incurred by the landlord during a year for

  • gas,water,electricity,
  • cleaning common areas,
  • writing off the furniture (if it is furnished living space),
  • telephone subscription,
  • glass insurance,
  • en.

Only the actual costs may be passed on. At the end of each year, the landlord must provide an overview of the actual costs incurred, and the difference must be paid or returned. If the landlord refuses to provide an overview, or if you do not agree with the specification of the service costs, you can call in the rent assessment commission.

Other, cost as

  • landlord maintenance (such as maintenance of c.v., elevator, etc),
  • damage due to vandalism in common areas,
  • the owner's part of the real estate tax,
  • etc,

may never be passed on to the tenant(s).

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