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What can you do if the bare rent is too high?

What can you do if the bare rent is too high?

Once you know that the basic rent is too high, you can ask the rent assessment commission to reduce the rent. In that case you must first submit an official request to the landlord, for example by registered letter, to reduce the rent; if he refuses, you can go to the rent assessment commission. The procedure for the rent assessment costs 25 euros, but if you are proved right you will get your money back. It can take quite a while (sometimes a whole year) before the rent assessment commission makes a decision. More information about rent reduction

The rent set by the rent assessment commission applies from the first month after you have submitted the request for rent reduction, unless you have submitted the request within six months of the tenancy agreement taking effect. In that case, the newly determined rent will apply from the moment the tenancy agreement has entered into force.

Attention! If it concerns a wrongfully 'liberalized' rent then you must lodge a protest with the rent assessment commission within six months after you have signed the contract. Otherwise it will be assumed that you have tacitly agreed to the liberalization of the rent.

Attention! If you live less than 9 months in a hospice room (i.e. at the landlord's house), or if you cannot prove that you are renting somewhere (if you have and no contract and no proof of payment of your rent) you are not entitled to rent protection. You can then ask the rent assessment commission to set a lower rent, but the landlord can then terminate the rent without giving a reason.

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