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About Huizenvinder.nl

Huizenvinder.nl was founded in 2008 by Bart Kappenburg. He had the idea of creating an online platform where people could find their homes more easily. Bart believed there was a need for a platform that could help people find the right home for their specific situation. The platform was designed as an easy-to-use, effective and user-friendly way for people to find their dream home. Huizenvinder.nl offers a wide range of options to search for rental properties, studios, rooms and apartments. There are thousands of properties for rent on the platform, making it easy for people to find the property that best suits their needs. The platform also caters to international users, allowing people from anywhere in the world to find their dream home in the Netherlands.

The first version of huizenvinder.nl went live in 2008.

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Huizenvinder.nl is a trade name of
Inversive Media B.V.

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[email protected]

+31(0)50 - 800 3291

Please note that we cannot answer specific questions about properties. Please contact the landlord for that.

Our Team



Bart is our founder and deals with the site daily in terms of operations, marketing as well as support. You can reach Bart at [email protected]



Ronald is the technical man behind the platform. Without him we wouldn't have a site at all ;-). For technical questions or bugs you've found you can email him at [email protected]



Annette is our rock: she does all, but really all, the administration. From invoices to users, she is the one to turn to for your administrative questions. She can be reached at [email protected]