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Is the landlord allowed to cancel the rental agreement?

Is the landlord allowed to cancel the rental agreement?

In the following cases the rent can be terminated:

  • If you live at the landlord's house and you lived there for less than 9 months
  • If you can't prove that you're renting somewhere (if you don't have a contract and don't have bank statements or proof of payment)
  • If you have a temporary rental contract, the landlord can terminate the rent at the end date of the contract (note: there are rules for a temporary rental contract; if the landlord has not adhered to these rules, the contract is for an indefinite period and the rent can not be terminated). 
  • If the above does not apply, the landlord can only terminate the rent in a number of extreme situations: 
    - if the property according to a municipal zoning plan must be demolished or converted into a store or similar, and the landlord intends to do this; 
    - if the landlord can show in court that he needs the house more than you do (for example, if his own house has burned down); 
    - if you are a chronic defaulter or you are seriously misbehaving as a tenant;
    - if you refuse a reasonable offer for a new rental contract (the offer may not change the rent or service costs). 

The landlord must take into account the (except in the second case, such a person does not have to care about any rule)

In all other cases, the landlord can not terminate the lease, unless the tenant agrees. If this happens, for example if the landlord wants to sell the house, then the most practical solution is that the landlord provides replacement accommodation and / or pays a ransom.

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